Your appointement

You can make an appointment :

Dr. Kovarsky consults :

  • Monday from 4pm to 8pm
  • Wednesday from 13:30 to 18:30
  • Friday from 3pm to 8pm
  • Saturday 9am to 12 pm

Consultations with dressing exclusively on Wednesdays.


In case of emergency

Your case will be submitted directly to the doctor Kovarsky and an appointment will be assigned to you even as niche consultations are complete.

Documents to bring

For the consultation, thanks for bringing with you :

  • Mail or documents submitted by the doctor who sends you
  • Last orders in your possession specifying the treatment you are following
  • Your medical history with key interventions that you have suffered major illnesses for which you are or have been treated, allergies and any other items that can complete your medical knowledge
  • All additional examinations carried out under the condition where you see
  • Your Sesame Vitale card
  • Repayment table acts of your supplementary Mutual. It was given to you during your subscription or must be sent to you on request

Some details

When making your appointment, you can specify :

  • If this is an initial consultation or a follow-up visit
  • If you are referred by a doctor or if you just come by yourself
  • If you suffer from arterial or venous problem (arteritis, aneurysm, varicose veins ...), or renal failure (vascular, fistula, catheter ...)

If you live far from the facility where you need to be operated and whether an intervention is to be expected in the following month, an appointment anesthesia consultation may be required to avoid repeated trips.

If necessary examinations are expected (Doppler ultrasound, CT, MRI ...) they can be programmed by the secretariat before the consultation to avoid repeated trips.