The cost of the intervention:

The surgery that you are going to have is supported by the Social Security will pay a fixed establishment (GHS), fees to the surgeon and the anesthetist.

The scale of social security was established there 25 years and has received no revaluation. This is currently the lowest price in europe and for some procedures your surgeon will work at a loss. This is why it may be requested a fee supplement that can be supported either partially or completely by your insurance.

You will be provided with your intervention file a fee quote that will allow you to check with your insurance company and find out exactly the amount of costs that you will incur. This estimate can be adapted to your insurance reimbursements and particular difficulties that you will know.

Anxious not to add to the trauma of the operation a financial penalty and aware of the economic situation and the difficulties Dr Kovarsky has defined three financial frameworks for its interventions:

Strict conventional tariff

No fee supplement will be requested. This rate is applied systematically to patients:

- Emergencies
- Patients in financial difficulty

Le Reste à Charge Zéro ou RAC 0

The Honorary complement is fully supported by your insurance. Incurred expenses are fully reimbursed. This rate is applied to patients :

- Vascular Surgery of Approaches
- Arterial Vascular Chrirugie
- Venous Chrirurgie no aesthetic component

the Package

The patient has no mutual or complementary fee is not taken little or supported by the mutual. Part of the cost remains at the patient's expense :

- Surgery for Varicose aesthetic component
- Requiring surgery not reimbursed by the Social Security equipment (probe laser, radiofrequency probe percutatnée surgery closures, balloons assets ............ ..)
- Particular Application of Patients

Patients not receiving Social Security

Including an estimate of the costs hospitaisation, intervention and practitioners of the fee is realized before the procedure.

The Modalities of payment :

The regulation of the Honorary supplement is realized with the waning of the intervention before the time of departure of the patient.

If the latter is realized by checks, they can be cashed two months after surgery on request from you to the repayment of the mutual be credited to your account or fractionated to facilitate settlement terms.

Make an insert :

- Strict conventional tariff: no fee advance
- Patient full refund
- Package: moderate load remains a matter for the patient
- Payments made before departure of the establishment
- On request, receipt of the payment up to 2 months after surgery or split payment